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Business Banking

Do you have a great business opportunity but nobody willing to finance it during this economic downturn? Have you tried all of the usual routes to obtain funds without satisfaction?

Corporate Banking

What motivates us is the passion for excellence in banking by maintaining highest standards of service to our customers, backed by innovative products and services that make us the option for your business, catering to a wide range of corporates.

Investment Banking

Assets and Funds Management. We are not brokers nor do we approach the usual high street banking institutions – we have successful experience in raising assets and funds through investment channels and now fund new businesses on a rapidly increasing daily basis.

Welcome to NYSB Corporate Private Bank

NYSB BANK is the pioneer among banks of the Comoros Union. Our contract capital surpasses 4 billion euros. We picked up a specific certainty among the customers. Our customers are found everywhere throughout the world, with a power in Europe and North America. Customer profiles shift from business people, ostracizes, law offices, sole dealers, and high total assets people, to organizations.

Our Services

Trade Finance

Help with the whole narrative process expected to finish up an exchange. 

Structured Finance

Structuring of financial products – especially with international financial institutions.

Safe Keeping Receipt

A SKR is another bank instrument with full bank duty that is utilized …

Insurance wrap

NYSB Bank offers insurance wrap through bank endorsement for your bank.

Institutional Sales

International sales of investment products to institutional investors.

Corporate Finance

Guidance in and arrangement or execution of different forms of financing, 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Support in purchase and sales processes.

Private Banking

Asset management, family office (partly in cooperation with our partners) and international structuring services.

Retail Banking

All standard retail bank products including savings books, transfer of funds and availability of safe boxes.

You should choose us because:

  • WE ARE CONFIDENTIAL – We don’t exchange information about our clients with other banks. All this information is strictly confidential.
  • WE ARE FAST – The account opening procedure is faster and less bureaucratic.
  • WE ARE SECURE – Our financial transactions are always protected.
  • The client remains always anonymous. We strictly respect privacy and banking secrecy.
  • We offer high-quality assistance. We are respectful with the customer and do not ask a lot of questions.
  • We provide each client with a personal assistant whom you can apply at any time and on any question.
  • We have reasonable prices for service.
  • Our staff is multilingual.

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