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Open an Account

Need a USD, EUR or Pound Sterling Offshore Bank account to Save on Taxes?

We have a Tax Free Offshore Bank Account opening services available for you!

If you are searching for:

  • Business or Personal Offshore Banking
  • Strong Tax Havens Banking Secrecy!
  • Only a passport notarizations necessary for personal bank accounts opening
  • Only a passport notarizations and company incorporation documents necessary for business accounts opening
  • NO Bank References Required
  • NO Background Check
  • NO references required
  • NO Reporting Requirements
  • NO Personal Visit Required
  • NO minimum deposits
  • NO limit on deposits – amount or quantity
  • NO Taxation
  • NO monthly Account Management Charges
  • NO utility bills required
  • 24 Hour On-Line Internet Banking From any Computer
  • International Wire Payments Via IBAN and Swift -/BIC Code
  • Key Tested Telex  / Telegraphic Key Note (KTT – TELEX) capability.
  • USD, EUR or Pound Sterling Currency Accounts
  • Approval Guaranteed!
  • Easy to setup, use and operate

Here’s what you receive:

  • Personal bank account
  • Corporate bank account
  • Internet banking
  • Multi currency Flex account, accepts ALL currencies in and out
  • You can receive and send swift and or Iban wire transfers
  • YOU and only YOU control the account!
  • Your accounts fully operational via the Internet.

Bank Account opening fees Requirements: 

  • Euros €25,000 per account if is an Euros account.
  • USD $25,000 per account if is a USD account.
  • Pounds £25,000 per account if is a Pound Sterling account.

Estimated Completion Time:

  • The bank account is open 7 Days after receiving the Bank Account opening fees.

Procedures – Bank Account opening:

  1. Complete the Offshore Bank Account Application Below
  2. Send the Offshore Bank Account Application via email to:
  3. After execution of the bank account opening application by the applicant, the client send payment for the Bank Account opening fees.
  4. Offshore Bank Account will be open within seven (7) banking days after the we has received and confirmed the Bank Account opening fees.

Download the Offshore Bank Account Application for Business here!

Download the Offshore Bank Account Application for Personal here!