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Our Services

Our Services

Trade Finance

Help with the whole narrative process expected to finish up exchange. Financing of stock for purchasers and providers in light of collateralized letters of credit, Stand by Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee and Bank Comfort Letter where part of the insurance can be trade recorded tradeable wares. Organizing and prompting on financing.

Structured Finance

Structuring of financial products – especially with international financial institutions.

Custodial Bank Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR)

A SKR is another bank instrument with full bank duty that is utilized as an option financing apparatus and this instrument can be SWIFT MT542 to any bank on the planet.

Insurance wrap

NYSB Bank offers insurance wrap through bank endorsement for your bank instruments, projects & agreements.

Institutional Sales

International sales of investment products to institutional investors.

Corporate Finance

Guidance in and arrangement or execution of different forms of financing, such as syndications, private placements, mezzanine financings, preferred shares models and private equity investments.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Support in purchase and sales processes.

Private Banking

Asset management, family office (partly in cooperation with our partners) and international structuring services.

Retail Banking

All standard retail bank products including savings books, transfer of funds and availability of safe boxes.